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Spread Your Wings

This new artwork by Paul Pibworth has been fabricated from sheet stainless steel and takes the form of a swallow in flight. The hollow stainless steel structure is ìin-filledî with concrete. This serves a dual purpose; firstly it ensures that the piece is robust and fit for purpose. Secondly, the process has allowed scope for relief casting and the creation of an impression of the lyrics within the concrete.

Spread Your Wings is approximately eight feet square and its stainless steel element mirror-finished. The artist hopes that the depiction of a swallowsí annual bi-continental journey and migration to the greenest grasses, will remind viewers ñ at all points during the year ñ of the potential to seek out new opportunities, the excitement of exploration and of possibilities elsewhere, whilst at the same time alluding to the importance of returning home and oneís roots.

Earlier this year an outline concept, and Paul's design proposals, were presented to Potton Town Council. The piece isa gift to Potton, and installed without charge for any ancillary works. Spread Your Wings can be viewed in the second meadow of the Henry Smiths playing field, Potton.

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