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Public Art in the Park

On behalf of the Chalk Arc Initiative, and site owner South Bedfordshire District Council, HAPPEN appointed talented artist designer David Appleyard to deliver an exciting new commission in Houghton Hall Park, South Bedfordshire. The principal aim for this commission was to create a permanent artwork, relevant to its locality that will help to attract visitors to the site, and specifically a different generation of users, increasing their enjoyment of it as a place for relaxation and contemplation.

The commission has been installed in a clearing within the Eastern Woodland, which is located towards the rear of Houghton Hall. The project partners allocated £15,000 for the design and implementation of the artwork, which was informed by community consultation and outreach activities with two local schools.

The Process

David Appleyard provided opportunities for members of the local community to contribute their ideas and feedback. This mainly took the form of workshops and consultation sessions with local schools, residents and voluntary groups.

Click here to download a portfolio of images from the project.
Click here to download David's artist diary from the project.
Click here to download July 2008 images of the artwork.

The Chalk Arc

The Chalk Arc Initiative provides a vision for žGreen InfrastructureÓ in South Bedfordshire and Luton. It aims to develop a strategically planned, and closely managed, network of accessible green spaces. The initiative has been made possible by £1.6 million of Growth Area Fund awarded by the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) in 2006.

The Chalk Arc Initiative will deliver new access routes, enhanced landscapes, increased biodiversity, better recreation facilities, and increased awareness about the history of these environments. A central ambition is to link existing open spaces with new ones, and in doing so connect urban and rural areas. It is intended to meet the needs of both existing and new communities in Luton and South Bedfordshire. This is the first artist commission to emerge from the Chalk Arc Initiative, and it is hoped that it can act as a case-study for future commissions.

Click here to visit the Chalk Arc website.

HAPPEN would like to thank Anicca Engineering and Sustainable Design for their expert guidance during the pre-installation phases. Anicca is an internationally experienced engineering and consultancy business, based in Australia.

Click here to visit the Anicca website.

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